2,400 Signatures and Growing

We are pleased to announce that we have exceeded the signature threshold we need - 2,400 - to prompt a special recall election! This was no small feat but thanks to the overwhelming support received, we were able to collect signatures totaling 20 percent of all registered voters in 14 days, pursuant to the Town’s recall bylaw. That’s over four times the number of people who voted Mr. Freitas into his position in 2019.

Update: we are 150 signatures over the margin and we aren’t even done counting!!

On April 15, Mr. Freitas indicated on his Facebook page that he would step down, and not run, if the recall group obtained the signatures needed. We hope Mr. Freitas will keep his word, and let this Town recover from this failed leadership. It’s time for a new leader to assume his seat; one that will remember that the Select Board work FOR the people, not AGAINST the people.

Again, we could not have done this without our amazing volunteers, and without YOU, the people. Thank you for showing what we value as a community - decency, transparency, and fairness in OUR government. We will continue to accept signatures until tomorrow morning at 9 am, April 27, so you can be heard; then all signatures will be submitted to the Town Clerk.