Recall petition signatures being challenged by Freitas

 The Recall Dan Freitas movement has just received word that Selectman Freitas has retained Attorney Horn to question the recall petition. Attorney Horn (the same attorney who represented Ms. Wendy Graves in claims against Selectman Espindola) alleges “discrepancies” in the recall petition. This is an affront to the legitimate process that was followed and a blatant insult to the 2,500+ voters who signed that petition in good faith.

This group implores you, the public, to write to the Board of Selectmen to urge Selectman Freitas to resign. The public has spoken, and our volunteers worked diligently to follow the recall process to the letter of the law. Mr. Freitas publicly proclaimed - twice - that he would resign if the 20 percent threshold was met. Once again, he is going back on his word and showing an egregious disregard for our Town’s civic process.